Conversation with inner shame

Exploring shame

Kunstwerk Last

Shame can be a burden

I breathe with you ..
Sometimes I wonder
Are you fear?
Or are you something else?
Shame, you are with me for some time
I would have loved to let you go

The companion

Shame, you know me well
Never far away
Every step I take
You stand by my side

If I go for a walk
When I read a book
When I do my job
You’re always there

Shame you are too familiar.
Would you give me some space?
Some air to breath n my own,
Please shame!

Get acquainted

We do take our walks together
Enjoying the landscape,
when my gaze turns inward.
I disappear, my breath of life fades out
Sometimes you take me over like a blanket covering my soul
You pull the consciousness out of me
Your strength is irresistible

Befriending Shame

Shame, the willingness to let you be
Endure, frolic and solid practice
Well shame, I just want to relate to you differently
Remain connected

You are present in my life
You know how to make me disappear
We will walk te road together for the time to come
I make the blanket transparent
Together we discover life
Until I’m ready to say goodbye
I will find my road to authenticity.

In this post I give a poetic impression (wording) of the recovery process in which I find myself. A snapshot of my view of the world. It is a search for (me) self, for identity;