Meet Lexa

I Portray deep-rooted emotions and related internal conflicts

Profile Lexa

Hi, I’m Lexa.
I will tell you a little bit about what I do, and why I’m so passionate about this.

Being human

I’ve been making those colorful digital portraits for 20 years now. When I started working on the digital canvas it was out of necessity.
I was a young adult and struggling to find my way in life. I needed a way to out my emotions.

When I express my inner world on the digital canvas I find looseness, playfulness and joy.
These moments I feel whole and connected.

The artistic route

During the creative process I can alternately focus on the emotion or conflict that I want to express and the technical side of the final image.

In the long term, the need to express my emotions became less and the need for artistic challenge became greater.
I imposed restrictions on myself, went looking for a nice mix between figurative and abstract.

Wanted more control over the atmosphere. And tell a better story, where I mainly concentrated on the composition.

Resistance has been an important theme in my work and in my personal life. Often it concerns the friction between feeling and intellect. An emotion that gives an internal conflict. It is precisely this tension that I find interesting to represent in a portrait.
There has to be some friction to keep it interesting. To challenge myself to combine conflicting emotions in one portrait.

Childhood self

Passion and focus

The struggle between feeling and intellect (how you should behave and what really feels good) is known to everyone.
I had to find a way to relate to the world and everyday life.
That was an inevitable challenge for me.
Nowadays it is an interesting challenge and part of the game of life. Humanity and human functioning fascinates me and intrigues me. I can wonder about it and I can admire it. It is precisely this ambiguity deep in human nature that makes man an inexhaustible source of inspiration and artistic research.

Applied art

The next step, using my artist’s brain to help others achieve their goal.
Support with Vision change and insight.

By providing a creative entrance with which you make contact with the intrinsic motivation. Or detecting a deeper barrier that stagnates the creation process.

Use game techniques, interaction and incitement to action. Problem solving ability, creativity and creation and humor.

Inner Peace and Strength