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About Lexa

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The quest

My quest in life has been to find a way to live life as a human being and not just surviving through life.
The desire to live as a human being, to really live, to experience life, and to feel alive, became ever greater. So I'm on a quest, a quest of exploring humanity and the concept of being human. Almost there.. cannot quite put the finger on it yet, but getting closer every day.
Art is the means that I use for that.

The shape

I want to create something beautiful, something that I can use to tell a bit of my story. Something that is colorful and rich. Something to share and connect. Something that makes me reveal a piece of "human" Lexa. So I search for and explore the best form and atmosphere that expresses exactly what I want to tell, the essence of that part of my inner self.

I want to connect and offer open space for personal development. I believe in the positive power of your own passion. Above all, I want to focus on the sharing of this inner motivation and knowledge, so we can learn from each other. The technical skills as well as the lessons of life and being human. So I work on projects in which this partnership is prominent. In order to create a beautiful creation in connectedness.

Portrait this

I'm producing expressive portraits using a variety of digital media in which I portray deep-rooted human emotions and related internal conflicts.

The dream

I would love to involve other people in their creative process. Providing the opportunity to view their own resistance and experience their resilience. Experience this!

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I produce expressive portraits through which I portray deep-rooted human emotions

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